Saturday, August 13, 2011


Found a cache in the parking lot at this location. There is one further down in the sanctuary that I found when I first started. This is a new one just out not long ago. This place is really run down no one taking care of it. I never see anyone here. I see several Blue Herons flying over my house thu out the summer. I live between to large lakes. Man made lakes. The cache. I have been off line for a couple weeks due to the fact that I used up my 5,000 Verizon G-bites. Took me awhile but think I figured it out. I have been uploading more pic's than I used to. I have been doing altered art swaps on my other blog .
Any way now I have to play catch up. I had a yard sale today with the rest of the neighbors and did pretty good. I have found several cache in the last couple weeks that I will post about. Still want to take a road trip to Lake Erie before the end of the month. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon



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