Friday, July 22, 2011


Went here ......To get this....foot long hot dog. Now I really don't eat very many hot dogs, this is the first this year but I do like Eddie's foot longs. Looks like you cant see the dog, because it has the "works" on it. Eddie's is in the small north west PA town of Conneaut Lake, where my first business was located. A country gift shop. That's how I know about Eddie's and Hank's. Then down the road we went here.........Hank's
To get this...... chocolate frozen far as I am concerned the king of ice cream! Was so hot yesterday that it was melting running down my hand as I walked to the truck. Didn't take long to eat, you had to lick fast .... lol This is the first one I have had in a couple years.Then we went here .........And found this.....a cache. The cache located along a not much used road above I-79. The tree is on a big hill with interstane at the bottom. Cache was not down there. Was 97 here yesterday, I could not stay home with out A/C so we hoped in the truck and went on a road trip. Went to Conneaut Lake Pa. had some lunch, and found one cache. Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake in PA. There is the small town, the lake and an amusement park. You can read about it here . Found the cache a few miles up the road, I looked for a couple more but DNF and did not look to long or hard because of the heat. Stopped by my son's to wish my grandson a happy birthday, he thinks he is old at the ripe age of 19 lol. I guess because it is his last year as a teenager. For some reason gas is cheaper in Meadville than it is in Greenville, like at least 20 cents sometimes more, and with the discount from a local grocery store you can get a good deal. So every time I got to son's house I get a fill up. While doing all this gas stuff, and going to son's we got in a huge traffic jam, they were paving road. We waited in traffic for 30 min. Then we headed back to Conneaut Lake to look for a virtual geocache. Found it and will post about it tomorrow. Have to email the owner with my answers then I can log it and post. Then we came home to a boiling hot house. Miserable all night, hard to sleep, sat on porch but that made Maggie nervous in the dark, but she would not stay in the house with out me, so I gave in. I have a fan in the bathroom facing out so that it will pull cool air in the bedroom window but there was no cool air to pull in. To be 94 today cant see that 4 degrees is going to make a big difference so , it will be same today. Enough of my moaning about the heat (might as well be in Florida) so I will sign off. Thanks for looking and come back soon

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