Thursday, December 15, 2011


This one is for you Judy! I will toast you at Christmas dinner with my salad lol. So nice having winter tomato's fresh off the vine. Mmmmmm good!This one's for you also Judy, if you happen to read this post. What is it? He (or she) looks like a he to me, comes to the front yard often. This was taken one day last week, Maggie was sitting on the bed looking out the window and took off in a fit, when he happened by. In PA birds in the front yard, were robins and house sparrows. She was always yapping at them to get out of "her" yard, but this guy really set her off. He sat down and stayed for awhile, just agitate her I guess lol. Any way I think he is pretty cool and I'm not sure what he is. Went to the post office about 5 times in the last two day's and there is always a line out door. I should have got the stamps when I sent out son's package on Monday. Here is a link to my daughters etsy shop check it out, I will put a link on my side bar.
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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