Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WHAT'S NEW (not much)

Since landing in Florida in Sept. not much has been going on. Still going to physical therapy for my feet, that finally are getting better. Hope soon to be doing walking exercise again. A week or so ago Maggie and I took a road trip. Looking for camp grounds for future fun. Found this county park about 40 min away. County park so you don't have to pay to have a look around.Some residents at the park. One ugly bird, or a couple lolThis is one of the water sites in the park. The park is along the inter coastal waterway in Brevard Co. Tents or RV's can camp next to the water. Reservations or first come. Weekend are busy and need res. Couple of tenter's next to RV's. This is real nice park. Not to big don't know how many sites there are. I talked to this man for awhile, he is fishing off the dock. He and his wife come here often. If I remember right they are from northern FL. Had a very nice talk. He did not make his reservations soon enough for the week end and did not get a water front spot. Here is a geocache next to our motel on the way down. Typical fence post cache. I have not been caching much yet, do to feet, only park & grabs that I can drive right up to. This is the cache.
Well feet are getting better, I go to doc on Monday to get casted for orthodox I have the general run of the mill in my shoe now and they do help. Daughter and son in law coming for Christmas will be glad to see family, miss my northern family. Will be doing some road trips and caching soon, so I will be posting more. I have been posting on my other blog http://redapplejunction.blogspot.com because I have been doing craft / art work, cause I can sit and do it. Doing some swaps and making Christmas presents. I had this post all made up yesterday and hit the wrong button and deleted everything. So here it is again, but forgot half what I said in the first one. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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