Monday, June 20, 2011


A GEO-PILE.....This is a typical geo - pile, sticks too can be a geo - pile. This was easy to find and I don't think I am giving anything away. We went out on Sun. looking for a few caches, after a dismal week before, I went for some easier ones. Even tho last week was suppose to be easy. This was the first find of the day and I dropped a TB here. THE CACHE.....And this was what the cache looked like. Nice on for leaving stash. Amo box. CACHE IN THERE SOMEWHERE.....This cache was just put out this year, but I sure think I looked of one here last year. Maybe it got archived, and a new one was put out. The GPS was bouncing around a bit but I found it in about 5 min. ANOTHER CACHE.....This is the third one we found, a typical guard rail cache. Magnetic.

YARD SALE FIND.....I have been looking for one of these for awhile now. It is a potpourri melter the were very popular a few years ago. I want it to melt bee's wax.

BEE'S WAX FOR MAKING CANDLES......So a few yard sales later I found this,what luck, they are sheets of bee's wax that is used in making those wrap candles. Bee's wax is not cheap, but these were $ for about 1 lbs. I was a happy yard sale lady!Came right home and plugged in pot and put in some wax and worked great so I added more and now have a pot full of bee's wax to use in my art work. Now I have to go and read up on how to do it. Still working on getting read to have a yard sale to get rid of more house hold items, and do a few flea markets. Son is going to put a new support post in basement next week. Hope to get painting all the trim up stairs soon. I am having problems getting this stuff done. I do not want to do it!

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



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