Tuesday, June 14, 2011


All those flags around the canon balls. Found a cache here on Sunday. There was a fine mist of rain and very cloudy, so my GPS was all over the map, made it hard to find any.This giant dead tree was in the same cemetery hiding a cache. Again the GPS had me all over the place.

This was the cache the giant was hiding. I like these kind you can leave a TB in them.I remember when you could drive your car thru this underpass. It went across the Shenango River and to the cemetery. There is a railroad track on the top. Still in use. We went thru it to the cache area........

.......and found this.....Maggie trying to figure out witch way to go. Bouncing GPS could not figure it out either. So we did not find this one. Only 2 out 0f 6 were found on Sun. Have been trying to get things done here in the house, having trouble, need something to push me into getting it done. Not much sunshine in the NW PA....I need SUNSHINE!! I did get done with the painting in the bathroom and Son got the small leak fixed. It was a thorn in his side.... couldn't get it to stop, it was really a tiny micro but would be under the floor and over time would become a bigger problem. Just have a few little things to do in there and done with that room. There is so much up in the air with me that I don't really know what to do about the house . I am not even sure I would want to live in Fl all alone. With family so far away. So maybe I will not sell the house. Not sure about renting, people do not take care of something that is not theirs. I had a close friend that rented out apartments and you would not believe how people treated the property.

I guess I will concentrate on getting rid of my stuff. Even this has become overwhelming. I have found getting older, you don't want to deal with alot of things. This being one of those for me.

Maggie is doing great. She is back to her old self, running around , playing with her toys, making me laugh, such a sweet dogie. No more hot spots either, no itching and keeping me awake half the night.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



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