Saturday, February 7, 2015


Camp driveway had….

visitors over the weekend (last)…Gloria and fur kids from Oregon Paco the dog and Elvis the cat were passing thru on there way south …I invited them to camp driveway …pic below they travel in a Pleasure Way….


A mutual RV forum member Sarah thought we might have a nice visit…she knew I like to have company even if they are just passing thru…we met at Wickham Park on Sat…took a ride to Palm Bay for a late lunch at Golden Coral..then back to Wickham to walk the pups…sat around and chatted ….I suggested she come on over and spend the night at camp driveway..she could hook up to my electric…


Pic of fence around the Rossetter House…

On Sunday we went exploring …Gloria found a place of interest on line…The Rossetter House and Museum in Eau Gallie…about 1 mile from dads…maybe less…funny thing this is my 5th year here and I never knew it was in my neighborhood…

20150201_130303_resized_2Gloria posing at the sign

This is a pic of the house from the side…it looks like the house was added on to over the years…There was a fence the whole way around the property we could not walk around the grounds….we had to peek thru the fence…you can see the fence on in the second pic…It was closed on Sun.


If you click on the pic below it tells you about the house…


I had put ribs in the crock pot with BBQ sauce so that is what we had for dinner along with some baked beans and potato salad I made…after that we just sat outside and chatted up a storm and playing with the pups….it was a nice diversion for me…I am bogged down here…this was a great time…On Monday she took off in the morning to meet up with another friend a little more south of here…I got some laundry done and that was it for Monday..Tues. me & Maggie spent the day at Wickham..Friday I had to go to the bank and WM…then went on down the road to a RV place I found to see about getting my awning  bracket replaced…Man said I need to find out what kind it is try and get a part # …and he thinks probably he can get it or has it all ready…if I cant find this I need to take the rig there to get part # …man thinks I can replace this my self…hmmmmm I think I can ..I think I can….with another pair of hands…at this point I am afraid to even open up the awning alone…my health is greatly improved…my back and spine will never be healed but I am working hard to keep it  under control ….on the 25th we are heading to Hardee Lakes Fl for a GTG…totally ready for that…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all…G&M

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  1. How nice that Gloria stopped by and showed you something new in your neighborhood. Rats that it wasn't open. Hope you'll take your rig in and just have the guy do the awning. Glad to see you out and about and hear you are feeling better.