Friday, February 27, 2015


My site at Hardee Lakes….

below is my site….on the lake all pull thru…nice ….this is a very nice campground it is a county park and off the grid at this time…they just got water and elec. hook  ups put in…very quiet so far… the park is in one of the rural counties in Florida…where they grow a lot of oranges …I seen mile after mile and row after row of oranges trees with fat juice looking oranges on them… We are here at the invitation of forum member Vickie (Oma) her Dutch Oven group is having a GTG here this weekend…the D O peeps have yet to arrive I type some have started to come in and set up….do you see the cute little sweet black and white face looking at you in the pic below??


View out the front of my rig sitting at the picnic table view also…there are 5 lakes that are in this huge park…the camp ground is on this one..We got here sometime between 2&3 pm…Liz, Carol, Sarah, Dell, and a few others got here earlier….This was on Wed….later the evening Vickie and Dave had a Dutch Oven demo…cooking us a pork loin, sweet  potatoes, and pineapple up side down cake…all in the Dutch Ovens….I will do a separate post about it later….they made it look so easy and fun…looking at the lake from my picnic table..the front of my rig facing this…


Next early morning  a few dog walkers meeting up…CArol, Soos (walking up the trail) Sandy and Sarah in orange…and the dogs are there somewhere…really they were…later I joined up with Sandy and Soos and did about a mile walk around the lake…it is a longer hike  than that but I decided that was enough for me I didn’t want to push it….


And here is Mz Maggie enjoying her site of the lake…later on in the day Tina pointed out an alligator sunny his/her self in the lake just to the left of that little island…the lake is a little farther away than it we keep our distance with the pups…


Yesterday the weather was really nice…we had a pot luck and a camp fire….I will post about it late also…


I wanted to get this post done before I forget every thing…I am going to try and keep up with this trip..better than thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

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  1. What a beautiful spot - and good group. I'm looking forward to the post about cooking with the dutch oven. Have fun!