Monday, April 19, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER : Nice day about 60 and sunny.
We went looking for some chopped down trees to use for walking sticks. Last fall I found some so went there looking again, but none this time. So while we were out we went looking for a couple geocaches. We did not find those, all that I found were ton of Jagger's, and they found me! Good thing I had long pants and shirt on. One I looked for down by the Shenango Lake, I was looking at the wrong co-ords and spent over an hr looking wow, how dumb can you be.
Since I had DNF's today I will show you one I found last week when we were out and about. This one was in a cemetery with more jaggers, but I found it. The GPS took me to GZ and it was by a tree, where I thought it might be. Well I was just about too look the tree over and looked down and there it was lying on the ground. It was a film canister wrapped with camo tape to a stick.
I didnt think that was where it was suppose to be, so I signed the log and put it in a crevice in the tree. I think it was taped to a branch that broke off. I emailed the owner and told him about it, he emailed back and said it was not suppose to be on the ground and thanked me and said he would fix it. There was alot of trash at this cache people throwing away things from the cemetery.
Got the bathroom woodwork all done. Looks pretty good. Think I will now paint the vanity, I tested a spot today and it looks like it will be ok. Sure is a lot to do.
Thats it for now, stay tunned and see what tomorrow brings!
Happy Caching

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