Wednesday, April 21, 2010


SPOOK IE OLD CACHE WEATHER 70 sunny beautiful!
We have had a really nice spring this year. It's about time the last 5 yrs I think have been nasty.
Even cool summers.
The first pic is a beautiful tree in my brothers yard. I think it is some kind of Magnolia not like the pink ones you see, this one has different white flowers on it.
The cache of the day is one I found a couple weeks ago. I have waited all year to get this one, as it has tons of poison ivy and large wood chuck holes, that are covered over in the summer and fall.
We stopped pulled of the road and I walked up and found it in short order. I did not take a pic of the cache because I forgot to carry my camera up with me. So I just took a pic of the cemetery to show you. It is a really old old one that is family owned, and it has not been taken care of at all.
I guess now I am officially old, I got my Medicare card in the mail a couple weeks ago.
Yesterday I had an appointment with a independent insurance man to see about supplement health ins and see about the drug programs. He was very helpful in explaining it all to me, and I found a plan and now I am all set for when I turn 65 in June. That was a relief as the info the government sends you is a little hard to understand.
Worked in the garage today getting rid of stuff and getting stuff ready for flea market time.
Ya know you can purge one, two , three, times and still do it again. Its never ending it seems like
but it has to end sometime, as I am moving. And I can't wait.
Well that's all for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

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  1. What a relief it must be to have that medical coverage taken care of. You're only old if YOU think so...:)