Wednesday, April 14, 2010


MAGNET CACHE HOLDER WEATHER Sunny and around 60 today nice!
Today's cache is one I found last weekend while caching with the Papillon Princes. If you click on the first pic and make it larger you can see it hiding in there. This is pretty typical of a guard rial or bridge cache around here. They look easy but sometime they are not. I have two that I have been looking at and can't find. This one was on a dirt road, bet you thought there were not any dirt roads left. lol.
Eric commented on yesterday's post and I want to follow up. I should have said it was the Erie Extension Canal. On its way through Mercer Co. PA the EEC went along the Shenango River as stated. I don't know about the Chenango River that Eric was talking about, that might be a different river. There are still to locks you can see , one is in New Hamburg PA, and the other one is in Sharpsville Pa. both in Mercer Co. The one in Sharpsville is Locke # 10. The city made a nice little park there. Google it and find out about it. There is a geocache hid there and that is how I found it, Also there is a Erie Canal Museum in Greenville PA you can goole that too.
J&E I will be looking for those birds!!
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Happy Caching

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