Sunday, April 11, 2010



SIGNED LOG WEATHER: Beautiful day sunny and just a little cool
So Geo-dog Maggie and I decided to take a ride and do some flea marketing and caching. Since the flea market was on the Ohio side of Pymatuning Lake we did our caching there also. This is one of the caches we found in a small area for fishing and picnicking. The cache was fairly easy to find and we had it in a matter of minutes. When I re-hid it I put it back with a little more camo to conceal it better but its still not hard to find. When the foliage comes back full force this summer it will be well hidden. That's one reason I like to go Caching this time of year. It had a log in it to sign as usual so I thought this would be a good time to show you all how I sign my logs.
I have a zillion small apple stickers left over from my business Red Apple Junction and so I am using them and I sign with a red jelly ink pen. I seems to work even when the logs are wet and believe me many of them are. As you can see someone was at the cache and signe just before I got there today. In the first pic you can see a little of the lake in the back ground.
The flea market was at Andover Ohio out door movie they have it every sat and sun spring thru fall. I did not buy anything as I am trying to down size and get rid of stuff now add more.
It is the one I usually set up at. It is early and not many there, I will wait till May before I start.
I hope to do a lot and yard sales this summer to get rid of my stuff. I will be keep a little more than I planned on since I will be moving to Florida with dad, and not doing my full time RV'ing like I was planning on. Maybe someday. I still want to get a small RV and do some trips with it. That I think will satisfy my wonder lust for awhile anyway. I guess we never know what life is going to bring us. I am glad I like Florida lol.
We did not do much after we got home, working on blogs and reading some then I think I will play a few games on the puter. I have been playing Spades and Scrabble with my dd and sil the last couple of evenings its fun playing with someone you know, she goes to pogo and makes a room for us to play in.
One more thing I often wonder who and how many are reading this blog, so please at any time feel free to leave a comment. I am hoping some are enjoying it.
Guess that's all for now.
Happy Caching


  1. I've gotten hooked on playing my Flip words2 on the computer. I got the game disk at Best Buy for $7, but haven't had good enough internet to play the on line version until I got to Balcones. Now I play it almost daily. :) It's amazing to me how many people play this from all over the English speaking world.

    I, too, wonder who reads my blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment I really like your blog
    read it every day.