Saturday, April 24, 2010




THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp around 60 mostly cloudy but still nice with a few rain drops.
The first pic is of the hollyhocks I have around my side door. The were planted well over 50 yrs ago. I have lived here for 33 years and most of that time I kept them cut down and they did not bloom. So a couple years ago when I retired and had more time I let them come up and they were just beautiful. I love flowers.
Lunch today I made green Chile chicken enchiladas. Since I am trying to make new eating habits I used FF items in them. And frankly I could not tell the difference. The tasted great. I had one to many for the dish so had to lay one on the top, that's why it looks funny.
The cache of the day is one that I found in Florida, its a tribute to Boy Scouts. Its located in a strip mall in front of a Boy Scout store. If you click on the pic to enlarge it , you will see an electrical out let, well its a fake if you open it up you see purple string pull it and out pops the cache. Sign the log and put it back. The first time I went after this cache my Mrs. Garmin-Geea AKA : GPS, took me out behind the store, and from the hint I knew it was not there. So I went back to google maps and took another look and seen where it was.
Today was suppose to be cool and rainy, but turned out with a little sun shine and not much rain till late afternoon. I went out to my brothers and we worked on the garden for awhile, raking, pulling out last years crop stubs, and getting all the rubble left from last fall. Came home worked out in the yard for awhile then had rain drops so that was the end of that.
Yesterday Judy and Emma commented on my log about being a volunteer in our National Parks.
I think I am going to look into this when I go back to Florida.
Well that's all for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

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  1. The chicken enchiladas look yummy!!! Those flowers are very pretty too.