Friday, April 23, 2010



THE CACHE AREA WEATHER: Temp 62 and sunny!
The first pic is of my daughters rose garden on the side of her home. This pic was taken a couple years ago. This past winter with the huge amount of snow they had in VA, the Jacobs Coat rose in the middle of pic under her kitchen window, was totally ruined. The trellis it was growing on collapsed and the weight of the snow done the whole thing in. In the foreground to the left you can see her rose tree. These grow well in VA , but I had one and had to set it inside each winter. On the back beside the blue shed you can see the lovely white climbing rose, this now is 3 times that size. It survived the winter. She said that she will not replace them with those kind of roses she is going with all Knockout Roses. Low maintenance.
The last cache I found in Florida before I left was this one. I guess the owner of the cache put it on his mail box so I guess that made it ok. Was easy to find.
Yesterday was a nice warm sunny day again and I worked in the garage again. Still throwing away and yard sale junk. I have some things that my dd might want to paint on, I told her I would save that stuff for her, but they would have to bring their truck up this summer and get it all. I have junktique , old windows, old door panels, etc stuff like that. Sometimes I don't think I am making much progress, and get discouraged. So much work , maybe I should just go in and pitch it all out for the garbage man ! Also mowed the yard and did a load of laundry
Today Maggie and I took a break and went to a few yard sales, (got nothing) and then went on a geocache run. Found nothing.
It is suppose to rain and be cool the next days, so that will put my work inside.
I have been reading a few blogs of full time RV people and some of them volunteer in National Parks, that is something I would love to do. I am trying to figure out how to do it and still be around for my dad. Any ideas?
Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings
Happy Caching


  1. I don't recall exactly where your Dad lives in Florida, but there are a number of Nat'l Wildlife Refuges and Nat'l Parks in FL. Many of those parks and refuges have local "friends" groups that are very instrumental in supporting the parks. They are made up of local residents, and do a great job of volunteering. You don't have to live on a refuge to volunteer there. :)

  2. Thanks J&E what a great idea I will be living in Melbourne, I will be checking that out when I get back.

  3. I think it would be fun being a volunteer in a Park. You should definitely look into it.

    I have a little hint about getting more comments - I just wonder about the security level that your blog is set for - as it is really quite difficult to get a comment to actually post sometimes. Especially for people like me who are not also on Blogger.