Thursday, April 1, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp 81 and sunny in PA!
Wow did I pick a good time to come back to PA! It has been sunny the last few days, couldn't ask for any better. When I got home I cleaned the fridge and plugged it in and promptly burned up the motor. So what a nice welcome home present that was. I really don't want to buy a new one as I will be moving, and can 't take it to FL with me. So right now I am living out of coolers. Had to clean the kitchen with that happening so I guess that is were the fixing up will start. My son just fixed up his place, and put in a new floor, and it looks great, I think I will do that in my kitchen that way I will only have to do touch up painting and good cleaning for that room. Maybe I will do some before and after pic's, we will see.
This is a cache I found in FL before I left it is the second one that I found in a series of paper cache's. Kinda easy. But still fun.
That's all for now , stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings
Happy Caching

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  1. G&M,
    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I can't believe you read the whole thing. :)
    I tried geocaching a couple years ago, but found it difficult to do solo. Maybe I should give it another try.

    Too bad about the frig....