Sunday, April 25, 2010



GEOCACHE REPAIR KITWEATHER: Temp 60 Rain T Storms most of the day. Some sun shine.
Did not do much this day every time the sun would peek out I would go out and then the rain drops came. So I just lazed around on the Internet.
The first pic is of a cache I found in Winchester VA on my way home from Florida. It was a stop over at my daughters, so I did a little caching. It was across the road from an Industrial Park. Not many mugglers about so it was not too hard to find. But it was early spring and by the time summer gets here the growth will be in full bloom and will not be that easy. I wish my finds were a little more exciting so I could give you a good blog about them, oh well sometime I will have fun things to blog about while caching. Still looking for a caching partner.
A pack of "stuff" always comes along with me when I am caching. One of the things I carry is a geocache repair kit. It is for geocaches that I come across that need maintenance. I found one the other day in a key box and the log was so wet you could not even unroll it. So I took a jewelry baggie and thin strip of paper and started a new log, then emailed the owner about it. My kit as pictured, contains :
That universal fixer upper duct tape. It can temporally fix just about anything, your walking stick, plastic cache containers, wrap sprained ankles. Ya never know!
I always have a couple extra cache containers along also. Just to use temporally until the owner can take care of it.
Last but not least is some good glue, I have super glue and a tacky glue for any repairs that might come along. If you do a repair be sure and let the owner the condition of the cache and what you did. It takes only a couple extra min to do this and makes the game much more fun for everyone. That's it for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow will bring.
Anyone ready this?
Happy Caching