Sunday, April 18, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp 30's rain/snow. ugh
This is a cache we found the other day. It is between Hermitage and West Middlesex. Along this walking trail, this is the outer trail little over 1 mile and there is an inner trail a little under a mile. Lot of mugglers here, people that working in the offices and businesses use this for breaks. If I lived near here I would use it. Maggie geo-dog almost found this one sniffing around. Did not take long to find with the GPS as there is not much here but a few bushes. It was a great day when we were out looking, not cold and ugly like it is this weekend.
I have painted the bathroom wood work this week. I got second coat on about 3/4 of it. This weekend I have not done much. To lazy in weather like this. So not much exciting going on here.
Hope to start the flea market rt. soon, so I guess I better start packing stuff to sell. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be all gone. lol.
Thats all for now stay tunned and see what tomorow brings.
Happy Caching

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