Monday, May 3, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER TODAY : Temp 74 part sunny.
Today's cache is one we found yesterday, sort of in the rain. I got tired of sitting around waiting for the rain to come, it was dark with clouds all day, so about 3pm we went out. This one was in a cemetery. I got there and wouldn't you know it there were mugglers all over the place, what the heck were they doing out on rainy day. I think that maybe a couple were cachers, they had the road in the cemetery blocked (they are skinny) so I just backed up and left in search of another cache which I did not find. When I came back to this one all was clear for me to find and I did!
It was not too hard to find, when I went in to the wooded area the right way, sometimes I take the hard way in. It was fun to find. The hint was don't forget to sign the LOG.
I decided that while I was out caching I would try and find at least one interesting thing to show and blog about. This one was this tiny house in the cemetery, at first when I was approaching it I thought wow, who would live right in a cemetery! As I got closer I could see no one lived there now but as some point in time someone did. It is well kept and in great shape. And so cute. I also seen a tiny yellow and black bird, I think it was a finch, I have been looking for birds when I go out and about, they seem to be far and few between here in NWPA, maybe they are just getting here from their winter home.
Well that's it for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings!
Happy Caching

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  1. What are mugglers? I'm thinking those little yellow and black birds are probably American goldfinches. The peak of bird migration in PA should be within the next week or so. :) Keep your eyes and ears open.