Tuesday, May 4, 2010


TRAVEL CACHE WEATHER: Temp in 70's Rain this AM but sun shine this PM
The first pic is birds that come around the neighborhood in Florida. The seem to make the rounds, as every day you see them in someone else's yard. They eat bugs and such in the yards They are such neat birds, so cute.
There is a small park close by where they play baseball, and it has a couple small ponds. There is a flock of these birds ( name Ibis ) that hang around there. Maggie and I would go there to eat some lunch and feed these birds several times a week. When we would pull up to park the would come running up and surround the truck. It is so funny, I guess they have grown accustomed to the free hand outs they get there, and they seem to be there around lunch time only, when everyone is on lunch break.
The second pic is the cache of the day. It was in Woodbine GA. I found it on the way back from FL. It is a typical lamp post , parking lot cach. This one was behind a out of business Burger King.
Judy left a comment on yesterdays post asking what a muggler was. Answer:
Muggle: (or muggler) A non-geocacher
I guess there is muggle in Harry Potter but that is not where muggle started I read about it somewhere and can't remember but it was before HP.
Today son came back and worked on the garage some more we hope to get it done this week, cleaned out and the we can start to clear out the basement. I am so happy that he is helping me I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for him helping.
Here are a few terms used in the geocaching world.

DNF" is an acronym for "Did Not Find"
"FTF" is an acronym for "First To Find”
"ICT" is an acronym for "Ivy Covered Tree",
"LPC" is an acronym for "Lamp Post Cache",
"NCP" is an acronym for "Non-Caching Proletariat", used in logs to describe "Muggles"
"TFTC" is one of the more commonly used acronyms, standing for "Thanks For The Cache".
"TFTH" is "Thanks For The Hunt"
"TNLN" is an acronym for "Took Nothing, Left Nothing"
"SL" is an acronym for "Signed Log"
"GZ" is an acronym for "Ground Zero" or "Geo-zone"
"CITO" is "an acronym for "Cache In Trash Out" and refers to picking up trash on the hunt.
"GPSr" is an acronym for "GPS receiver
Muggle: (or muggler) A non-geocacher
Thats all for now , stay tuned see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

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