Monday, May 10, 2010



WEATHER Temp 53 and cloudy & windy
Nice Mothers Day and went caching on the way to my son's home for Mothers Day dinner.
Had a great dinner, hit the spot since I have been trying to do the W. W. diet.
GEESE AT THE CACHE: they were squawking at me the whole time I was there, I mean really loud! Their nest must have been on that side of the water. This cache was hid on state game lands. Seen lots of empty shot gun shells lying around. The saucer looking thing with straw in it
I think might be for an eagle to nest in. I have seen other man made nesting post but they were on the top of telephone poles stuck out in the water. Our state game lands are really beautiful, this is the first time in my life that I actually got out and walked around in them.
THE DOVE: I got to the cache area, and look around before entering from the parking. Maggie again stayed in the truck. The hint was pine trees, well as I was surveying the plot, I seen a few pines in the area. So I took of, I have to remember to take my walking stick at all times no matter how easy it looks. I walked in and around several large ground hog holes, need stick, and located and walked around all pines looking for the cache. Seen nothing, I tend to look low for caches but not all are low. Walked over too a blue bird house, empty, in bad shape. Then I went back to the start area and walked around all pines again, as I was walking around the last bunch of three trees, I had my hand on the tree and was looking down at the ground, and when I look up this is what I saw right in front of my face, startled me a little. I knew right away it was fake and was the cache! What a fun container! It is aways a delight to find things like this after looking and looking what seems like forever but was only about 15 min. This is only one of about three unique containers that I have come across. One that stands out was a peanut butter jar covered with bark to look like a mini log, was very real looking a good camo job. Back to the dove, when I walked around to the front I seen the white tube sticking out with the log in it. Took the log out and signed it , said good bye to geese and was off to my next quest.
In all I found 3 of 4 while on my way to son's.
It is suppose to be cool and rainy this week so might not get much work done to finish up the garage roof. Guess that means work in side for me. I will be so glad when this is all done, but I must remind myself its not getting done by itself!
Thats all for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching
PS: you can click on pic to make it bigger

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