Wednesday, May 19, 2010




THE CACHE WEATHER :Today the weather is great 68 and sunny.
not so great last 2 days.
This cache I found a while back, it is located in an area where there are new office buildings, a walking path, and some woods around. It was called path xing, so I figured I would just follow the path and when it crossed with another I would find the cache. Wrong! Now these woods are not deep at all, in fact there is a 4 lane highway , the woods, then the offices, and with out leaves on the trees you can see the highway and cars. So I walked around these woods looking for the path crossing, did not find it, so back tracked all the while keeping my eye on the GPS, and finally found about where it should be, in the second pic I posted. Walked up to it and there it was, in all the stacked up wood, that should be a good hint when you see something like that. I took a pic of the camo cache beside my clip board and GPS. Maggie took a walk on the path with me this time. As long as we are on a path she is ok with that most of the time. It was nice walking in the woods and not be afraid of wild animals. lol.
On Mon. & Tues. I worked in side the house as it was cold and raining. The garage roof did not leak!! A couple years ago I worked part time in a local craft store. Some times after the first of the year the want to get rid of inventory and have huge sales. At the time I was working they had a sale on all the scrap booking items , everything from scissors to paper and everything in between
The sale was everything you could stick in a big brown bag for something like 12$. Now I am a great packer, years of doing craft shows, and you would not believe what I got! Over $6,000 worth of retail for only $300. I sold off a lot of it, but still have tons and tons of it left. So that was the project for this week, on rain days. I am going to keep some of it to take to Florida and scrap book for family and sell the rest at yrd and flea sale. I am not even 1/2 done sorting and I have it all over the dinning room. I have to figure out where to store what I want to take with me. I emptied three trunks I kept most of it in.
Today I painted up a load of Americana to take to Volant and see if I can wholesale it to one of my store owner buddies. I will take a pic when I get it all done. Also mowed the yard and hung out a load of laundry. I love to hang out close on a line!
Well thats all for now.
Happy Caching

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  1. Sounds like you were very busy today! It's too bad it wasn't purging to go fulltiming. :(