Saturday, May 22, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER: Warm but rain the last few days. 70's. Suppose to stop raining on Monday and be it the 80's all next week!
CACHE: This is one we found few weeks ago on the edge of a local cemetery. As you can see this one could have been very hard to find. There could be a bunch of trees and logs that can be potential cache hide sites. That is why having the GSP is a must. Maybe like some of the light post hides in parking lots and out in the open ones, you could find with out one just by looking at the location on google maps. In fact that is how I found the first few caches I went looking for. In the beginning I did not have a GPS. And I still don't have the proper GPS for locating the cache, I have one for driving, Garmin Nuvi, but I have learned to make adjustments and it works ok for me most of the time. In the future I hope to get one for walking and caching.
WORK: I spent most of the last couple days still working on sorting and packing. This is going to be a long, long summer! We will be working on the front of the garage next week. Not sure what son wants to do, make new garage doors, or put up some siding and replace the entrance door that is in ruin. We put it in an closed up the front about 25 yrs ago , so that I could make it into a work shop. Now that part of my like is over, we need to do something else with it.
Well thats all for now
Happy Caching

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