Friday, May 7, 2010



KOOL CACHE WEATHER: 71 with lot of sun shine.
Maggie and I went caching today, after making a meat loaf for dinner time. We went to the west side of the Shenango Dam and to the Ohio line. All the caches were in the woods, so Maggie waited in the car. I am afraid of her getting ticks and besides she doesn't like to go in the wood or brush. We went in search of 5 caches and found 4 not bad. I am not going to blog about them today because 1 Camera batteries died. I am going back to the caches and take pic. and 2 I have others to blog about
So the cache of the day is a kool one I found few weeks ago, on a lonely back road, dirt road no less. The hint for this cache was "chair" and in the pic above you can see why. Actually there was 2 of these chairs and some other trash, they just hid cache under chair against a tree. I don't think the owner of the cache was the trasher. I took some trash out with me. The cache was a little in the woods by one of those gas wells.
One thing that amazes me is all the trash I run across while caching, from the road you can not see it all and don't realize its there. Why are people so sloppy. It really really bad out there, the caching community have a slogan : CITO Cache In Trash Out. I try to take out as much as I can when I am out and about.
The other pic I posted is and interesting thing I saw while caching last week, every where I went I kept smelling this sweet smell, I was looking all around for a lilac bush, but none were seen. Finally after a few miles and caches I looked and seen this giant bush, on further inspection I figured out it was a honeysuckle bush and they seem to be all over the place this year. Must be because of the wonderful spring we are having.
Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what comes next.
Happy Caching

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