Wednesday, May 12, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER:Cold and rainy last few days. Ugh! Temp today 59
The cache of the day is one we found on Sunday. It was on a paved bike/walking trail, not far from where my son lives. There are about 5 or 6 on this trail, the first one I did not find I think it was in the woods a little to far for me to leave Maggie on the trail, as she doesn't like to go in the woods. I don't like to leave her alone. The second one along the trail is the one I took pic's of. Trees made the GPS jump around but I finally found it, using the hint on the web site about a log, but believe me there were lots of logs lying around. I was a green camo'ed plastic jar gal size I look for travel bugs but none to be found this time. By the time I found this one it was time to go eat dinner with son and family. I will be back another time for more.
You can see Maggie waiting on the trail for me in the first pic. You can click on the pic's to make them bigger. She is such a good dogie just sits and waits for me, no hassle at all.
The last few days with all the nasty weather outside I have been working in the basement. Wow
what a job, sometimes I have to go through things twice because I think I will need something or what ever, then go back and say I DO NOT NEED IT! "When" I get it all cleaned out I will put that dry locke stuff on the walls , I did it about 25 yrs ago and it has held up good. The foundations is what they used 100 yrs ago , sand stone, and it flakes over time. This is just one of many many jobs I have to do before renting or selling. I think need to have a yard sale soon to help free up some space. I am going to have a huge one Memorial Day weekend at my brothers house, he lives on a main road to Pymatuning State Park and is a very busy road. Always do good there on a busy weekend.
Well that's all for now stay tuned see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

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  1. What a good dog Maggie is! Emma would be off in a flash flying all through the woods. Want to trade??? ;)