Wednesday, March 10, 2010


WEATHER: Today is grrrrreat! temp 80 with a few clouds as we have a storm coming Thur and Friday.
This cache I found the other day, first one of this kind that I have come across. By the color of the cache you can figure out where it was hid. If you click on the pic you can enlarge it and look hard you can see it. Took no time to find it by the clues on the web site
Went with dad to do a few errands, that took most of the morning so we ate at Bugger King. Came home took Maggie for a walk to the park, didn't see much interesting this time . But the other day I seen a dolphin that was neat. Today I did see a guy with a kayak and was talking to him about kayaking. I ask if I could lift it to see how heavy they are , he told me to go to Bevard Zoo to take one out and see if I liked it, he said it's in a contained area and safe for newbies . That is one more thing to do when I come back. Can't wait!! Life is good in Florida.
Thats all for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow will bring
Happy Caching

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