Thursday, March 18, 2010




WEATHER: In the 70's and sunny wonderful, I sure will miss this when I go back to PA next week!

This weeks cache had something to do with firemen and was pretty easy to find. The problem I have with these FL caches , is I wonder what kind of critters are hiding in under those palms.

I do have my walking stick and poke it around before moving to far, or sticking my hands in some place I can't see. I took nothing and left nothing in this cache.

UPDATE: We went to a flea marked on Sun. near Cocoa. It is a much better flea than the one here in Melbourne, and I think I will be setting up there in the fall when I come back.

We went out to dinner last evening with friends Ron & Kris. Went to a place called Harbor City Diner wow what a place, soooo much food, had to bring some home. I have been there 2 X and I now think its my fav place to eat.

I will be leaving here next Thurs. boooo hooo, I have soooooo very much to do when I get back I don't really know where to start. I need someone to organize me, any ideas??? What needs to be done is getting house ready to sell and clean out all my stuff and get rid of it. Very big job for one person to do, my Son will be helping some. I'm tired just thinking about it. I really like living here in Florida but do miss my family.
This afternoon I cleaned out the back of the truck and started to pack it up to go. Now I am packing clothes etc etc.
Went looking for a cooler this afternoon couldn't find one, when I got home was telling dad about it and he says he has one. LOL low and behold it was just what I wanted, he said before you buy something ask because I probable have it.
We had left overs from the diner for supper tonite, and still have enough left for a lunch tomorrow. Maggie and I both have gained a few lbs since we have been here. We will be starting some better eating habits soon. I have no food in PA so it should be easy to start eating better.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring. So stay tuned and find out!
Happy Caching

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