Sunday, March 21, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER: 70-80's sunny with a storm Sun. afternoon.
The Blue cache is a well known "sneaky cache" hard to find, well I had to go find it. lol
Went and looked and looked and touched everything, finally decided I needed to look at it
in a different way, thinking that I found it in about 30 seconds! This is really fun hobby wish
I could find a caching partner.
This weekend I worked on getting the truck packed, looks like I'm taking back a bunch more stuff than I came with. Those 2 tables I painted take up a lot of room and I picked up 2 folding wood TV tables to paint when I get back to :PA. This morning we went to the flea market and got some Florida oranges. Dad had a shelf we got at Home Depot last week then decided he didn't want it so we took that back. Then Maggie and I went caching and found 3 out of 4 caches. Just got back in time before a big storm went thru. Won't be doing much more now but playing on the puter.
Last week I put pic's of vintage jewelry on my other blog
and got a few peeps wanting to buy, so I sent emails but got no answers. Bummer. I want to make an esty store this year and start selling some of my vintage there. I guess by what I see and read its a getting to be a popular selling market.
I wonder how Maggie will act when we get back to cold PA. and a double story house. She seems to like it here just fine. Thats all for now. Stay tunded and see what tomorrow birngs.
Happy Caching

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