Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This post will be about some odds and ends of “stuff” with a few odd pics thrown in….
First up is blogger….
I want my blogger peeps that do not see me commenting on their blogs any more …the reason is Google seems determined to integrate Blogger into Google+. I went to Gypsy BoHo blog the other and wanted to make a post as she is at the beach again… and I was now “required to have a Google+ Profile” before I was allowed to comment on her  blog. I guess she and others have signed on to Google + ….this is something I do not want to do….you are required to give out your birthday on this profile and I am not wanting to do that…not cause I am old lady lol…cause of the other things that can happen when to much of your info is out there. So what I am planning on doing is mention my comments here on my blog to those blog I have visited and want to say something…hoping that they see it…(So Gypsy looks like you and the fur kids are having a great time….love that bike!) I might try doing the comment with red. So if you signed up for Google + I can’t comment Sad smile 
Mini GTG at Wickham Park….
I talked with Women RV friend Soos and then we chatted with Dell another member… on FB last night and it was decided we would do a mini GTG this week…well when I went over to the park this am…it was busting at the seams with Vet’s…they were having a shindig there thru Sun….so this week is out…I will go again nest Tues check out sites and we will the go there then for the mini….I will be cutting it close to launch time to the trip north…but I can go when ever I want….now I can say jello plans !!!! SmileSmileSmileAll for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M


  1. So sorry you can't post a comment on my blog. I'm not sure that I like Goggle+ and may opt out of it. Please keep visiting us.

  2. You may want to read Rick's post on the Google+ profile. You can just skip down past the dog grooming and boots bit until you get to the bottom. You may not be able to use blogspot for your blog in the near future if you don't have a Google+ profile. And you do not have to put in your birthday. I didn't and it works just fine. Something to think about......