Thursday, April 18, 2013


One of our day camps…
This is one of our favorite day camp sites over at Wickham…I was walking back to the park from the campground and see MySweetDream…sitting there waiting for us to come back….looking good  across the pond we parked by.
This is a very neat kayak ….
This is a crazy kayak that I saw at the home park last weekend…a man and his two sons were going out fishing…the black rig looking thing is some kind of fishing rig filled with fishing equipment …it is to large for the it looks like he put a couple floats on each side of the kayak to keep it sturdy and up right….right click to make larger..he has one son in kayak with him….
And the other son…older ….
even tho he was the older of the two…they still were not old enough to be out alone…so the father tethered the older boys kayak to his…right click and you can see…the older boy did a good job with the paddles so he was never being pulled along by the other kayak…
And Maggie girl….
And here is my Maggie girl playing with her new bunny…she got it for Easter….I have never seen a dog that plays with toys like she does….from the very first day I got her…she knew that the couple toys by her bed were hers and she knew what to do with them..she taught me how to play doggie games…lol…she was only 8 weeks old…she was playing while I am working in the RV..
Where oh where is bell???
Wondering where is bell…hope she did not take any “party” detours along the way…here are a few friends waiting on her arrival…Where are youuuuuu????
I am still working on packing and arranging and rearranging the RV…taking things out and putting things in…I was going to take along things to make …but then decided this is a work trip for me…so took that stuff out..most of it anyway…I am excited and nervous at the same time…my first long solo trip…I think I will be stopping at WM, Sam's, Cracker Barrel etc.… for over nights…I need all my $$ for gas!!! It is getting warm (hot to me) and muggy so I am  looking forward to some cool northern weather….  all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M


  1. Glad you're so happy with your rig. Your trip north should be exciting!

  2. Be careful what you wish for or you could get some real cool northern weather instead of the soft southern kind.