Sunday, April 28, 2013


On sat I want to get my spot at the home park so took the RV down at 6 :30 there were already 5or 6 boaters there…I left it there Maggie and I took our morning walk…went back to dads and got ready to spend the day at the park..there were 3 yard sales in the hood this morning so I walked around the hood again and took in some sales…it got dark out…so I thought I should hold off walking down to the park…and I was right now it is pouring cats & dogs…So made it there about 1/2 hr. later
Took Liz's idea for stowing my chair.
About blogger again….it looks like we all might have to join the Google + rather we want to or not if we want to continue on with blogger…so I might wait to the last min,. to join…one other thing seems like people have problems loading pic on blogger sometimes…I wonder if you would use Live Writer you might not have that problem…so far for me I have not had it…I use Live Writer Not to worry Gypsy I check your blog daily…and about another 20 or so blogs!! I miss it when you are not blogging…
my maggie
So we went back to the home park and spent the rest of the day just hanging around and not one thing of interest happened. There were some people out and about , picnicking and boating…it did rain off and on all day so that is  probably why not much going on…we sat out side and I read and Maggie sniffed and growled…In comparison my days are not as exciting and eventful as most of my forum and blogger friends….  That’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for the heads up on the net that you posted as a comment on my blog. I think you are spot on and am glad to know why the pelicans were so interested. I'm also happy to know that you've been reading along on our adventures and hope you will comment again and often. I love to hear from the folks who are reading about what they think and know. Congratulations on your RV and many many happy trails in it!