Sunday, July 7, 2013


Been thinking….
and decided it was time for a fun geocache friend ask me to go with her to Ohio to GeoMash Fun in the sun meet and greet geocaching event..I won a door prize pic below a lanyard..since it was the 4th week end it came in a cute happy little bag…
Some caching going on…
They hide temp caches at these functions that you can only find that day at the event..we found them all…that is my new cache friend Sue in the for ground of the pic…sometimes people go in a small group to find the temps..usually who every you came with….
Next up came the …..
meeting, greeting and eating…this is part of the group altogether there were about 30 people that attended…there were some cachers that hit some mile 5,000 or 10,000 caches found that were awarded some prizes for their efforts…
And here’s ….
Maggie all tired out after her afternoon of geocaching….lol…sleeping on the picnic bench….
And what are these….
strange looking things? Seen these growing on some locusts trees…they are like thorns very sharp…the green one must me live one … then they look like this…dead…
Anyone know what they are…I have never seen anything like them before…sure would like to know….
I had a very good time met some new peeps and had a ton of good food…love pot luck dinners…altogether we found 20 caches yesterday…we stopped along the way and found a few…and did not find a few ,,lol
Back to work tomorrow on the house…at the beginning of this post I said I have been thinking and what about is the work on the house and have come to a few conclusions that I will post about next time…so thanks for looking and come back soon blessing G&M

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