Thursday, July 4, 2013


Or should I say emptying out a kitchen….
In the last few years this is the third kitchen down size I have done…did not realize what a big job it would be…I kept thinking I will need this or that…but that is so cute…or I have had this for ever how can I get rid of it…and on and on it goes… Below is pretty much what I will have left to take with me to Florida…some will go in the RV and some to dads…but not all will go… some bowls and plates will be put in the moving sale…but this is what I am using the most right now…
Pots and pans…..
And below is what is left of the pots and pans from last years down sizing…only 3 things here will go with me plus two small skillets and of course 2 well seasoned old iron skillets..those I am not sure where they will end up when its all said and done…
Stuff is collecting…..
That’s for sure…it does not look like a lot but it is…when you add it into the rest of the house…like I said I did get rid of a lot last few years…The fridge is only 2 years old but it will be sold also…
The cooking area….
Got rid of the stove a couple weeks ago  it was used when I got it 25 years ago it was time…set it at the curb and someone took it…so put my 2 burner hot plate on a micro wave stand…have my sisters toaster oven on counter by the sink and I got cooking space…Just like if I had it set up outside my RV….I will keep everything here but the stand it will be sold…oh and the vintage ice cube trays…to big for RV they will be sold also….
I remember last year giving …..
My dad what for because he had all these out dated spices and things…some of them were 10 years old..(mine were not that bad)…But since last years most of this stuff was over due to be tossed most of this stuff is gone…how did I get 2 bottles of garlic powder and 2 bottles of Montreal Steak seasoning and 3 pepper grinder bottles..???? Full of pepper corns.!!!!
Well that’s if for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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