Monday, July 29, 2013


Pioneer Days …..
art festival was held this last weekend …it was a little more than just an art/craft show…this pic was taken in mid afternoon…lot of peeps showed up for this festival…I will tell you about the art/craft in this post…2013-07-28_13-18-45_834
Some of the art wares …
being sold were these beautiful walking stick and unique bird houses…and of course they had the general made in China stuff to,..but most was hand crafted …
And this man was at booth full of hand painted slate…with all kinds of paintings on them…my DD and I use to paint on slate…although not like these…and we did well selling them..I think I made a previous about how much we made off my old slate roof!
This is part of the booths that were in the art/craft section…I got there early in the morning about 9 am or so…needed to make sure I could find a place to park the rig .there were not very many peeps there yet,,as you can see…the only thing I bought was the kettle corn and a foot long chili dog…for dinner…brought lunch with me….
Speaking of parking…
 they acted like they never seen an RV before could not figure out where I should park…I suggested parking so the road out was in front of me so all I had to do was pull out…Oh ok …well they made me park by this pole I stayed away from it as far as I could…then wouldn’t you know they parked a pick up right up close to me on the other side….well I spent the whole day there …so figured it would be gone by the time I left…wrong…ended up moving their  parking sign that was across the road in front of me so I could pull across the road and into the grass in order to make a wide swing out so my backend would not hit the pick up…what is with people..don’t they know that I have a big back end to get out also…I see this in parking lots..I park way way far away and doesn’t some nut pull right on top of me…maybe they want to get hit so they can get a new vehicle …anyway that is my soap box for the day…lol…005
And the rest of the story…
I will tell you about in the next post…what else was at the festival….got home about 4 pm…watched the news…trying to find out about a murder we had here in town last week…a well know business man…was found murdered in his home with 70 stab wounds…they are not saying much…but at least they are not telling the public to stay inside, be on the look out, for a deranged murderer …I think it must have been someone he knew or a family member…he had very lucrative auto junk yard  business in the area with 3 or 4 locations …been here over 50 years….he was 76…ended up watching the Medgar Evers story sad but great story of his life…until 11pm then took some time to get to sleep..and this morning I feel  like crap…I need to be in bed before 10pm in order to get to sleep and not be hung out the next day…I don’t seem to sleep well and need to get that extra hr early….other than doing some laundry and priceing a few things…it will be a slow day for me…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings&M

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