Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I know it is ….

boring for peeps reading my blog right now…but to keep the blog running I write about what’s going on in my life at the time and this is it…..


A quilt …or two…

Way back in the 60’s I made a quilt…it was a pattern called Dahlia like what you see in these two  pics…this pattern has the leaves and a big round center (not on these yet) I used these materials and a yellow center on the one I made….I took me 7-10 years to finish the  quilt and in the end I had some church ladies finish the quilting part…. and I said never again would I make a quilt..I then used it and wore it out ….


Now back to down sizing…

In one of the boxes from the  attic I found these quilt block that I had started way back when…I don’t even remember. So any way I just might “in my spare time finish this off” lol.

I started this blog the other day,,, before I had some insight into what was going on with me and the “down sizing” …. I have been very stressed over all this… not to much about getting rid of the stuff…but how long it is taking me and how hard it is…well after thinking about it a lot…I have come to the conclusion that my expectations and goals that I had set for myself this year in PA were way to high…for one person to accomplish…I have had a little help from my son…but to get done what I planned and thought would get done..was just way off the mark and would take at least one other person  working right along with me  most of the time.. whew…now that I have figured that out and accept it…I feel much better not so overwhelmed with it all and not going to worry about it getting all done this year… but that does not mean I will stop working …still want to get as much done as I can…it will just have to wait another year…the big reason to get it done this year was because of my dad..and his health… and can I leave him?…he wont come with me…he will be 89 in a few months and is a little on the frail side ..even tho he gets out and about some…but I guess it will be play it by ear…as dad says lol…So I took  the day off to go geocaching with a new geo-friend I met at the geocache/kayak event…with this new realization I don’t think you will hear so much mumbling and grumbling…lol. thanks for looking and come back soon.

blessings G&M


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