Friday, July 12, 2013


More about the butterfly bush…
Got this beautiful butterfly having a snack on my butterfly bush…isn’t he great…I finally got a good pic …at least I think so….
butrfly 2
I guess if you sit long enough you will see some very neat things..this little guy is only about as big as my thumb…very hard to see..I tried to crop him in closer but was to blurry..what kind of hummer is he..anyone know??
hum brd 1
More purple….
Or should I say lavender…this lavender bush I have had more than 30 years…I was bigger than this..but when the guys put the new porch on the house they almost killed it …I only had a little piece of it left…this pic was taken several years later.,right now it is getting to much shade from my trees that have grown up…so I should move it or take it to Florida with me…
lave o6
Not purple but cute..
I finally figured out how to get my stuff off my old Gateway computer…and found this pic of Maggie…she was just eight weeks old and our first day together…look how sweet she was with those big ears…and her little piggy tail with out fluffy hair…
mag bed
Had my colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday and all is well….done for 5years…so I am happy…worked today on sorting and pricing more..hung out a couple loads of cloths and mundane things like that…oh what an fun and exciting life I lead…lol…tomorrow it will be more of the same..but might go to WM…for a diversion…need a few things…the geocache/kayak outing at Kids Mill Bridge was canceled high raging water…so will watch and see when it will be on again…so thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings G&M


  1. Great Purple photos! I love the butterfly! I don't think that's a hummingbird, but maybe a Sphinx Moth.... they are sometimes called "hummingbird moths" and look and act like hummers. Lavender.... oh, I love it!