Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have a ton of these…
probably about 30 of them left from my craft show days…but they have come in really handy since then..with store closeing and getting rid of stuff at flea markets etc. And just plain storage with things I thought I needed…and also at dads house I have no place to store any thing so these water tight totes I use and the put them behind his shed…out of sight…then when I need something I have to go out there and look for what ever…. a big pain..I tried using them in the RV …but was the same thing had to look thru all to find what I wanted…..right now these have sale stuff in them…
I did not go out and buy these in pic below…but gathered them up from here and there….and this is what I will be using for the RV….What do you all use for storage?
I don’t know why I am having problems getting my organizing in the RV done…I cant wrap my head around the weight and balance thing…I have a couple pieces of furniture I want to take with me…and know I can fit them in but then was thinking about the weight…so where and how do I distribute this weight…maybe I will post some pics and ask some questions on the RV forum…think I will start to paint the upper hall today…and do some laundry…well that’s for now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings G&M

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  1. We use bins, but our RV is only 27' and the bays aren't very big. Above the couch and the dinette there are overhead storage areas and I store mostly clothes we don't wear every day in bins that are approx 16" X 10"... can slide 4 of them in each area with room to spare for other stuff. They are transparent so it makes it easier to see if I'm hunting winter weight shirts or something dressier for church ;-)