Thursday, August 22, 2013


Here is how they….
tapped into my new water line…first they dug up the side walk and drive way (again)…don’t mind my garbage can it was the pick up day…I didn’t have to move the RV because they said it would be done in one day…011
I took a lot more pics but figured you all pretty bored with all this junk that has been going on all summer…but I am doing this for my info…so moving on..see that copper pipe?…boy was I ever glad to see that…as apposed to galvanized pipe…that means the galvanized was replaced at some point in time…but not since I have owned the house…36 year…a few people have had problems after hook up with the old galvanized pipe after being disturbed clogging up and having to be replaced at the home owners expense!! Not fair I say but water co is not going to pay for it… glad I will not have that problem..this copper pipe goes clear to my basement…014
As you can see they had to dig thru some sold rock in order to find the new blue water line..The pic below is how they tap into the new line…that already has the water flowing thru it…they attach that valve you see that has a shut off on it ..then drill thru the pipe, shut the valve off while they hook up  the new copper tubing…
Below they have it all hooked up and turned on…they then had me go in and test the water buy turning on all the cold water taps in the house..make sure it worked and get all the air out… I don’t think they did this with everyone but since I was standing there watching all this and asking questions.. they had me do it…I have kept my eye on everything they have done at my house….
And after that was all ok..they filled in the hole…with dirt..not gravel that I thought they might do…after each layer the tamped it down with the back hoe shovel you see on the top right of pic…they worker spread it around first….
Rest of the story….
Personally I found this whole process very interesting…I know I am weird…but I cant help it I have always been very curious …makes me an adventures person..good for the RV life stile…the part that was most interesting was how they push that new blue water pipe thru the earth under the side walks…moving on…I got the add in the paper for the sale…suppose to rain today so will wait until tomorrow to set up tables outside…might go out to the garage and see what needs to be sold from there…lots I am sure…soon I will posting about my travel back to Florida…not sure how many stops I can make to look around and explore…as I will have a few pieces of furniture to take back making for tight quarters in the RV…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon… 

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