Saturday, August 10, 2013


And it is done…..
making me a very happy camper….this was one job that I looked at every day..wishing I could get going with it and that it was over…hated looking at those paper covered walls knowing what I had to do…Now I am going to WM and get some of their stock paint Antique White and paint it all…
And the band played on….
If you walk out in the street in front of my house and look left…you can see Greenville Senior High School…at the end of the street….
Every August before school starts they have band camp…I can hear them playing all day here at the house…
Then a couple weeks before school starts they march all over the neighborhood playing and marching practice….here they are coming up the street from the school….Maggie does not like parades, or bands…for that matter she does not like anything that is close to her porch or  house…lol….she is barking her fool head of and no one can hear…
And here they are  headed back….
I love a good parade…and especially love every time I hear them getting close I go out on the front porch to watch and listen…to my own private parade…
Well this is the end…so thanks for looking and come back soon blessing G&M

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