Monday, August 26, 2013


I have been….

thinking about a few things…RV things…maybe I am going to need a tow car…I originally thought that having a class C …I would be able to just unhook and go….now I don’t mind that …my problem is that I am too big..I can not go to a lot of places with my rig…it is 29ft. but in reality is 31’ bumper to bumper…it seemed like when in Florida I did not have the problem of tight places like I do there…and I am very nervous about towing…driving the RV was never a problem with me…what is a girl to do…????


One other thing is... did I get to big of a rig for me and Maggie…I love my rig…it is roomy, easy to drive, big enough to live in if that ever comes about…but right now I am thinking it should be more like a class B….

And another thing ……

What about my future…a home base…where and how…selling my house makes my home base then my dads house in Florida…I know for sure how I feel right now..I do not want the responsibility and work that comes with owning a house anymore…not even a house in Florida…

rose 4 front

But I must admit I do miss working in the yard ..with the flower beds…landscaping, and my small vegi gardens…but it is just to much work now…but I can take care of some things in containers…I got a very goo crop of Roma tomatoes this year from my container garden…and some great basil…

yrd 08'

And the rest of the story…

I had a great moving now I am going to concentrate on getting ready to move on down south…I will make a list of what I need to do yet…in the house and what I am taking with me and what I need to get the rig ready..I want to take a trip to Meadville Home Depot..that will be a day trip…there is a Roadside America attraction there and I want to get some pics…so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back goon

blessing G&M


  1. I didn't have a toad to begin with, and had the same length rig as yours. I was nervous about towing. Took me less than a year to bite the bullet and pull a car along. One of my better decisions.

  2. Thanks Judy...I have a feeling I will be biting that bullet also...:)