Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Looks like a jungle out there…
But it’s really not…my butterfly bushes are doing a great job of attracting hummers and butterflies..
You can see it is not  a jungle…
just my back yard…try as hard as I can to get pics of hummers…none yet… as soon as I step out the back door…they fly away…I stand around and wait they don’t come back until I go away…I did see two of them in some kind of a stand off before they seen me and my camera but could not get the was funny they were in an up right position and almost beak to beak…flapping wings and bobbing up and down….I put some cut flowers in my old antique watering can …if you look close by the white fence you can see them ..they grow to about 6-8 feet…but this year a ran over them a couple times with the lawn they would not get so tall…
Is it fall already…
Well if you go by the low temps, the low humidity , and the feeling in the air it is early fall..and to top it all of the change in the trees, these little red berries on my Korean is a three season spring white flowers that look like reg. dogwood..then green leaves with green berries..then in the fall the berries turn red…really nice tree…but the berries are turning red way early this year they started at the end of July instead of early Sept….
And then there is this pile of fall leaves I seen at the end of July also…while on our morning walk…I must say it has been  cool, wet and cloudy the whole time I have been here in PA..except that 2 weeks in July we had hot summer weather…and that was all…
And the rest of the story…..
I did get the lawn mowed yesterday and half of the upper hall painted..everything I could reach…I was to tired and lazy to carry the ladder up…Maggie and I slept in the rig last night now that it is cooler…I like sleeping on the memory foam…easy on my back..still only 55 here at 9 am..and cloudy…so guess I will work on the rest of the laundry tomorrow,.,did one load yesterday…I have no dryer so need to hang it out side…if I get that ladder up right now before I get to lazy I will work on paint hall…so better go and do it…thanks for looking and come back soon. blessing G&M

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