Friday, August 30, 2013


It started here….
I went to Meadville Pa. where my son works at the local Home Depot. Stopped at Subway got a couple subs and met him in the parking lot for lunch…that’s what is nice about the RV…park and eat in parking lot..not even aware you are even in the lot…when I went in to get the subs…was not paying much attention…until I heard a voice …coming from behind the counter…”hello Grandma”…looked up and there was my grandson :) :)…(sons oldest) I guess this was just his second day at the job..he works as a cook in another diner…this is a second job…
And then….
This was the another reason for the day trip…across the road (US 322) is a Road Side America attraction…PennDot Road Sign Sculpture Garden I think when it first started it was mostly flowers…it has grown…lol..sorry could not resist…002
Large murals and colorful sculptures made from official Pennsylvania road signs by Allegheny college students and State Dept. of Transportation employees….these sculptures are just awesome…
This one is called ‘Signs & Flowers" and consists of a bouquet  "road sign flowers" each 10'-12' feet high. They are all  made from used road signs really  clever and spectacular…If you are in this area it is worth a stop and see…this is the best pic I could get…stopped at a red light..the parking lot was full as this is a working PennDot depot…rig was too big to park..

On the northeast corner of US 322/19/6 and Mercer Rd, just east of I-79 exit 147A. Giant Eagle & Home Depot are right across the road…Only one min. from the really cant miss it…the signs are reflective so it would be really cool night sight…

Also on the agenda….
was picking up a few Geocaches…there were a few that I could easily get driving the rig…located near big parking lots…I have missed caching…so wanted to add these to my fun day…and I forgot to take pics …all but one below…this was in the HD parking lot…
All in all it was a fun day for Maggie and me…just wish it wasn’t so hot…I did fire up the genny and A/C ..for Maggie while I went shopping at WM on the way home…needed to do a genny run anyway…it was due the first of the month a few days early wont hurt…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings G&M


  1. I'd forgotten all about them. Saw them several years ago while visiting relatives in Meadville.
    Really neat use of signs.