Thursday, August 8, 2013


Butterfly Puddler’s….
Did you ever notice how  butterflies gather on moist spots in a garden? This is known as puddling…. Below are some puddler’s that I use to make…also in the spring time in Volant were my store was located…we had an event …at that time it was called Spring Garden Party…any way everyone did some special things for our customers…so I had a “make it take it” project with the puddler’s…I got these clear plastic things at a craft think they were used for setting flower pots in so they don’t leak all over…any those as a mold…here are 3 that are mine I set around yard ….and butterfly bushes…notice that they have a nice garden patina on them …002
Here is one (below) I studded with those glass bead type things you can get at a craft store…I used these when I had the make it take it project..the kids love them…this one is sitting below one of my butterfly bushes…
And the one below is shaped like a butterfly..I cut the shape out of piece of wood on my band saw…the put a dowel in it to make a handle so I could press it down to make the image…
And the rest of the story…
The name of this process is Hypertufa…you mix equal parts … cement…peat moss…and perlite with water…this will set up fast so you must work quick doing this…first spray the mold with cooking spray…then put in the mold and press your choice of design …be sure to take it out of the mold when it sets up…less than 24 hrs.…or you wont be able to get it out easily. You can also make flower pots, planting troughs using different size cardboard boxes…shape them into balls for garden décor…it is a very fun project…..I am going to take one with me in the RV…to use in my “outside room” while camping…If you want more detailed info…just Google it…got some done in the basement yesterday…put  on another gal. of Dry Lock…but I need at least one more gal….might head up to the  Home Depot….where my son works and get another one and check out some geocaches and take another look at a Roadside America Attraction that is right in front of the HD…that I never new was on that list…I will take pic and make a blog post…that will give me something interesting to blog about…so that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings G&M

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  1. I like those butterfly "attractions". Isn't it interesting how they especially like moist areas that aren't just "mud"... piles of compost and other yukky stuff really attract them ;-) Hope you find a lot of geocaches... you'll get a souvenir for each day in August that you find one.