Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is one of the many dirt roads….
all around the main damn area and beyond…you can get a good work out hiking on these roads…they don’t have any “trails” at this area but I did see some on the Ohio side of the lake…and I am sure there are others on the PA side also…just a left over pic from my adventure on Sun.

And now on to this….
I mainly am going to post about this because I want to remember what I was told on this day..since I will be leaving for FL in Sept. and not sure all this will be done before I leave…they did this early this morning…pic below..
Then a supervisor came along …so I went out to talk to him..told him about this part of my drive way that the borough ripped up last Sept. and said it would get repaired when they did the new water lines…supper told me that the borough was responsible for it but they would probably pay them to fix it…so it is noted here…on this day…
He also told me that any thing the tore up they would replace and fix…they are going to have to move my water hook up (the blue marker) to the other side of the side walk or right on the side walk but it will be replaced….
also the chipped some of the side walk when removing this side walk and digging this hole and filling it up with gravel…all done before I got here in May…
So where the pink paint is …that will be fixed also…not really sure why they dug that side walk up…cause there is not water line or  hook ups there..any way it looks like they are going to be fixing it soon…
Now on to my project…
I am getting antsy wanting to do some things…like creative things…so yesterday I dug out this old lamp from the yard sale pile…I am needing a lamp for my desk by my computer…and figure this would work…but not the ugly 1970’s olive green it was painted…(forgot before pic) so I went ahead and sprayed it white…it has a white round globe that goes on it…but I put this fancy globe on it for now..I think it is a little small but I like it…if I end up selling it I will put the round globe back on,…it really is not very creative but made me fell better anyway…rain today so guess I will work in the garage and basement today between rain drops…have stuff need out of the basement yet so I can clean and finish the dry lock and paint the floor…but have to clean up the garage so I have some place to put said stuff…never ending circle…lol…all the while keeping an eye ball on the work men..not because I think they are cute..but cause I am not at all sure they know what they are doing…you get different answers from different men…makes me think left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing SmileSmileguess that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessing G&M

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is the main damn and gate house…use Google and find out more about the state park that spans two states…here are some peeps that rented kayaks …the people from Riverside Park ….hauled their kayaks up for the festival…it was limited where you could go but looked like fun….
This is the over flow to the right of the gate house…I wonder how often it over flows…there were some nice pretty lily pads floating around…
Other events at the festival…
Here are some Civil War reenactments going on…a group had set up camp…this was the firing of a canon….Maggie did not like this at all…..was a little hard on the ears…and she was scared…after that for about and hour she was very needy and wanted carried around.. 
I also walked around their encampment and found a few interesting things…the first tent I came to (below) looked like it might have been and officers tent…sleeping in back and table/desk and daily needs in front..there was no one around to ask…
Then I ran across this …a stove…now not sure I would want to haul this thing around to cook the tripod with cast iron – open fire cooking better…
but if you were cooking for an army this would be much better…put the fire wood in the box and cook many items at one time on the top,…
This lady was cooking something called banana butter…like apple butter,,,it did not look so good but it sure smelled good..I told her it smelled wonderful …then she told me it also had rum in it …no wonder!
lol…and this below is a whole new level of what goes on around the “water cooler” at the office…
The rest…
There were some old tractors…not the civil war era but still old..the were all refurbished and had shiny new paint jobs on them… kind of boring to me…now if they were really old and not painted I think that would have been interesting…there were pontoon boat rides, Abe Lincoln was walking around giving out pennies along with a short history lesson…lot of good food…band playing good music…and just nice sitting by the lake…nice sunny day on Sunday…getting closer to my first moving yard  I will be setting up my tables on wed/thru so I can have a head start on the sale by opening on Friday…might rain on Sat. …I bet you all will be glad when all my sale stuff is finally done and I have something to blog about…lol..all for now thanks for looking and come back soon….. blessings G&M  

Monday, July 29, 2013


Pioneer Days …..
art festival was held this last weekend …it was a little more than just an art/craft show…this pic was taken in mid afternoon…lot of peeps showed up for this festival…I will tell you about the art/craft in this post…2013-07-28_13-18-45_834
Some of the art wares …
being sold were these beautiful walking stick and unique bird houses…and of course they had the general made in China stuff to,..but most was hand crafted …
And this man was at booth full of hand painted slate…with all kinds of paintings on them…my DD and I use to paint on slate…although not like these…and we did well selling them..I think I made a previous about how much we made off my old slate roof!
This is part of the booths that were in the art/craft section…I got there early in the morning about 9 am or so…needed to make sure I could find a place to park the rig .there were not very many peeps there yet,,as you can see…the only thing I bought was the kettle corn and a foot long chili dog…for dinner…brought lunch with me….
Speaking of parking…
 they acted like they never seen an RV before could not figure out where I should park…I suggested parking so the road out was in front of me so all I had to do was pull out…Oh ok …well they made me park by this pole I stayed away from it as far as I could…then wouldn’t you know they parked a pick up right up close to me on the other side….well I spent the whole day there …so figured it would be gone by the time I left…wrong…ended up moving their  parking sign that was across the road in front of me so I could pull across the road and into the grass in order to make a wide swing out so my backend would not hit the pick up…what is with people..don’t they know that I have a big back end to get out also…I see this in parking lots..I park way way far away and doesn’t some nut pull right on top of me…maybe they want to get hit so they can get a new vehicle …anyway that is my soap box for the day…lol…005
And the rest of the story…
I will tell you about in the next post…what else was at the festival….got home about 4 pm…watched the news…trying to find out about a murder we had here in town last week…a well know business man…was found murdered in his home with 70 stab wounds…they are not saying much…but at least they are not telling the public to stay inside, be on the look out, for a deranged murderer …I think it must have been someone he knew or a family member…he had very lucrative auto junk yard  business in the area with 3 or 4 locations …been here over 50 years….he was 76…ended up watching the Medgar Evers story sad but great story of his life…until 11pm then took some time to get to sleep..and this morning I feel  like crap…I need to be in bed before 10pm in order to get to sleep and not be hung out the next day…I don’t seem to sleep well and need to get that extra hr early….other than doing some laundry and priceing a few things…it will be a slow day for me…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings&M

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Things are starting to pile up…
 Kind of slow last couple days…yesterday I made a zillion trips up and down the stairs…bring stuff and boxed down for the sale…
You can hardly walk in the living room…dinning room is not much better….no pic’s of that…sorry they are so dark click and open to see better….I am ready for this to be done…the first sale will be held a week from today..Aug  3…the east side neighborhood is have it’s annual yard sale and tons of peeps come …so figured that would be my first sale..working alone I can not do a big moving sale so will have several smaller moving sales…will put up my moving sale signs at the end of several main streets leading to my house…
Not much to blog about…
so I thought I might show you a county park that I checked out last year and plan on making it one of my get away camping spots..I think it about 30 miles or so from Dads…There is a day use area as well as camping …
It is just before you get to Sebastian Inlet St Park..down US A1A on the east coast of FL….
I am thinking it might be a little easier to get a camping site in the winter than most places in FL..especially during the week…if you want to check it out here is a link
007There are a lot of on the water sites..but those in the middle are only a little walking to the water….you can pretty much see water from every site….as I remember…
Any way….
I am planning this and Wickham Park as my go to get away camping…if anyone anytime want to join me or go …let me know I most likely will be available….would love some mini GTG’rs…Today it is cool and cloudy so far but rain is on the way…looking at my weather bug radar…so it will be inside today…not sure what I will be doing but I can tell you it will not be hard…I think I wore myself out this week…so this is it for now…thanks for looking and come back soon… Blessings G&M

Thursday, July 25, 2013


After painting for two days….
up and down on my knees…I had to take a break yesterday….
so went outside to do a little trimming …my roddy bush was out of control so had to trim it back some…it does not look so good …when I came here in May the middle of it looked like it was dying..and it still does..
it use to be a darker green and so dense that you could not see thru it….now I can see from one side to the other…maybe it is because it is so old…..
005Found this old bird nest in there..looks like maybe a robin I could not get close to it even to put the camera up to see there were eggs in there…

And now to the inside….
I have been pricing then carrying things down stairs for the sale…..things are getting piled up in the living room..I think after this Sat. I will start putting stuff on the porch…everything you see here will be for sale including TV, chair it all goes…(I hope Smile) a few things I will keep if not sold but not much…
The room I just cleaned and painted….
This is the bedroom I have been working on the last two days….it is the only decent looking room in the house right now…with sale stuff sitting willy- nilly all over the place…The four post bed is part of a set I got back in mid 70”s …did some stripping it and put on clear varnish…maple showed up real well…this is some thing I am keeping not sure how yet…the wall paper has a peach color to it and the curtains are light peach lace..bed spread is a vintage chenille not peach but the yellow goes…
Remember looking for Waldo…
Well here’s looking for Maggie…the Steeler fan….
The rest of the story..
Today I am going to clean up the mess outside I made yesterday…grabbed most of the trimmings this am before garbage man came…so just have to rake up the leavings..then inside to do some cooking..I am trying to make a daily menu to save money and to eat healthier…My blood pressure ok and I want to keep it ok…so need to lose some more wt. and more walking…so I am on the band wagon again to lose wt. …..and I am going to do some camping soon…most likey a couple days here and there in Aug. maybe lake Erie area…so all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessing G&M

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Some deep…..
cleaning is what’s going on around here…used these items below…
to get this gooey mess of the window in the RV..before I left FL I found these window stick on’s …flamingo and palm trees…they were the ones that look and fell like Jell-O Gigglers….well DO NOT buy them…this is a south facing window all summer and they melted and ran down the window…and they were gooey…had a terrible time getting them off…some haze is still there that I have to work on…what a mess…sun also bleached out the color…
Then the last….
bedroom clean up…in the 80’s I did some papering and painting of bedrooms…the woodwork is pine and had that dark shellac that they use to put on in the old days…so I put a (suppose to be) good sealer on it Bin …and thought that would take care of things..will after about 5or 6 years maybe more it stared to crackle…now that was not a bad thing back then cause it was Shabby Chic and all the rage…I did not mind the look…but I know now days that most people just wouldn’t get I have to paint it….should anyway after all these years…below before pic..
and this was after painting..looks nice and clean…
What I got done…
yesterday ….I got about a little over 1/2 done..two walls one window and one door…hope to finish it today..looks like rain and storms gray day so good day to work inside…wall paper of the day…1980’s lol..but I still like it…
Guess this it …
for now…I really feel I am getting something accomplished with doing this last bedroom…son has helped me with big stuff so guess I will be finishing what will be done this year myself…so off to work I go …Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho…thanks for looking and come back soon..blessing G&M
I didn’t do anything…..really..
maggie stair

Monday, July 22, 2013


Al Reinhart Jr.

May 18 1949-July 22 2012

100_0821 (3)

In loving memory of my brother who past into Jesus’s loving arms one year ago today.

Love you and miss you…

Saturday, July 20, 2013


We drove all over the country…
side looking for one last yard sale…but it was worth looking for…I did not buy anything but…the lady had a large cement pond next to the garage …with these in it…..this one pink
and theses…..this one is yellow but did not turn out that color in my pic…
And best of all these….
This lady had hundreds of these Koi..all different sizes and colors…I guess at one point in time…(not sure if now) she sold them to landscape businesses  and also..anyone that wanted to  buy for their pond…click on pic to open bigger…
The big Koi are at least 2ft or more…and such color…they were beautiful to watch…
And on to less exciting sales…
Got this little jewel for only $3 at another sale…it was clean as a whistle..not sure it was used much at all…I cant believe I found such a good deal…it seems like when I am looking for something or needing something it pops up at a yard sale…in great if not pristine conditions…My angels looking out for me….
At same sale got these Tupperware items for the RV also…
Had a great day….
with my sister…we went out early then I had to get ready for my doc appointment …then she came and picked me up and we continued on and then went to lunch…just a drive thru…lol….got home and Maggie really gave me what for…cause I left her for our second outing took her the first time…did not do much the rest of the afternoon …it was just way to hot….I want to set up at the flea market tomorrow…going to use my sisters van…so I better get busy and figure out what I want to take….so thanks for looking and come back soon… blessing G&M

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Boy do they ever….
It’s in my blood …as they say…going to yard sales and flea markets…two of my favorite things to do…even tho..(I promise) I don’t buy much …I went today with my DS and BIL,,,it really helps that I don’t have a car….keeps me away from them…but I rarely say no when ask….
Things that look like this…..
pull me right in!!! Got the old sewing box pic below at this one…
This one looked good….
but held nothing for me….seen a life vest for a dog but too big for Maggie girl…new to boot.. oh well …to bad…
Vintage plastic sewing box….
was filled to the brim…I cleaned it out and threw away the junk and this is what was left…these boxes and button boxes are like treasure chest to me…love digging thru them…
A sewing box within a sewing box…
This little gem was in side the big sewing box ..cute little thing …with mostly all wood spools of thread…and a tiny tomato pin cushion….
A few more goodies that were in the box…
I am not showing everything…take up too many pics …here are some of the best goodies…
My kind of yard sale….
I got this stuff at what I call my kind of yard sale…a ton of old junk and vintage…back in the day when I had my store I would have wiped her out…love this …
Now before you’all start on me….
Let me tell you I have plans for everything I got today…I have decided that I need to make some money in order to play more in my RV…so I will be doing that when I get back to Florida…first off I am going to start an Etsy store ….I use to sell a lot on I pretty much know what I am doing…first  I will need to do some research and see what the good folks in cyber land are buying and go from there…I know some..but need more info..and then I want to start selling at flea markets with my product and also a few shows… art/craft and antique/vintage…so everything I got today will be refurbished and resold in another form..of one sort or another..I have a knack and a talent for this so I might as well use it while I still can and have some fun….I have been wanting to get back into some kind of part time business for some time now but…some of the life happenings just got the better of me and I have not done it…but I have to tell you now I am feeling much better and I am ready now to go for it…so that’s my story and I am sticking to it…thanks for looking and come back soon
blessing G&M