Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sofa change….
I was thinking I need to put something on the sofa to keep it clean..doggie always jumping on it…so I found this old quilt my brother gave me…(in good condition) put it on over the whole sofa that way it wont slip off….. as it hangs down the back to the floor…then put the throw over the back…and my pillows and I have a new sofa!! More homey looking than the standard brown/tan RV décor ….
Close up of the quilting and pattern on the quilt..this is an old one and hand quilted..I know some would say I should not use it…but why not…what is the use of having something if it is packed away…then given to the next person to pack away so on and so forth…
Some mods….
Some mods in the kitchen…the white spice hangers are great…they not only hold the clear spice  jars (in middle) but also the ones you buy in the stores so you don’t have to take them out and transfer to the other jars…in the clear jars I am going to put the herbs that I plan on growing this winter , dry them and put them in the jars..
And also on the other side are three more…just enough for me to put my meds in the cupboard …they slip right in place..just fit …
Got this step up at Home Depot..a couple weeks ago..I forgot the one I had when I left PA …my step stopped working just before I left in the spring and I had no way of getting it looked at in PA…I think that the sensor is not working…the step stopped working after the door got slammed real hard..Sad smile …I like this new two step stool..much easer for me to get in and out of…so I am in no hurry at this time to fix it….when I got the other single step they did not have these ones…glad I forgot the other one Smilewhen I found this one…Maggie can even use it…
The rest of the story…..
There is suppose to be a cold front coming thru tonight and tomorrow and Thur. so I think I will wait until storms all over.. then go over to Wickham Park to dump the tanks …decided I will spend the night and flush it out real good…I still having problems with a smell…I thought I had it figured out the other day but …NOT…it is exasperating …. excited to be going on a GTG…Dad has to get a new A/C for the house …coming Wed  to put it in..I will be relieved with some cooler weather…Maggie too…for some reason she is not doing well with the heat this year…will work in the rig again today…so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…have a great day and stay safe…blessings to all..G&M

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  1. When our steps stopped working, Roger removed the motor and cleaned the dirt out of it and the steps worked fine. He said its a good idea to clean it every year or so.