Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Canoeing on Tues….
Liz loading her new Kayoo on the wheeled cart at the launch parking lot…that I think is so can pick it up with one feels about as heavy as a large cardboard box…only 12lbs I think… made of carbon fiber…the best of both worlds kayak and canoe….  
I have no pics but I went in a canoe with Soos at the helm…what a wild ride lol… anyway here are some pics I was able to take..
Again my camera is the pitts…but you can get the idea of how clear the water is…
A lot of green under water plants…all different shades of green….
Liz with her new kayoo…part canoe and kayak…light as a feather…
We seen a ton of turtles…this was one of the largest ….seen birds,my first Green Heron, alligator x2…we were looking for the monkeys that were left after they discontinued the Jungle Cruse but did not see them…some peeps coming down the river said they seen them but they were gone by the time we got to that place..
And when we got to the head water of the river we ran into this glass bottom boat tour..and a bunch of other kayaks and canoes I think we are all going to take a ride on the boat sometime this week…
And at the head water is a huge spring feeding the river…you can see it here in this pic the aqua blue color…in another post I mentioned that the crystal clear water caused me a slight problem…well I have said many time about being afraid of high places…well when looking down into this crystal clear water I have that same feeling of terror …but I went on,…each time in the shallow part of the river l looked down it got a little better and I could tolerate it some…so that was ok…THEN when we got to the head water it was very deep ..hundreds of feet deep?? I don’t know but it was more that I could take…so I did not get to see the statues that are sunk there form various movie sets …there were tons of movies filmed on the Silver Springs River…this place has a most interesting history dating back to the 1500’s…I will try and remember some of what the man at the boat launch area told us…So this is it for now I will publish this tonight as we are about to go kayaking again …thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings to all G&M
The spring at the head water in pic below…aqua blue…

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