Sunday, October 6, 2013


The other day….
  • We took our first day trip to the home park..the home park is Ballard  Park here in our neighborhood…just down the street from dads house…it is located where the Eau Gallie river goes into the Intercostal water way the Indian River Lagoon…next Sat. he 12th they are having a Geocaching event at this park Eau Gallie River Cleanup…they will be using kayaks and other water going vessels to clean up along the river…I don’t have a kayak yet..but can work with others at cleaning up the park…but let me tell you the parks in Florida are really neat and clean…I plan on spending the day at the park…if you want to check it out here is link
A new sign they put up while I was gone this summer…in pic below..
While we were there….
We seen some of the permanent residents of the park…This adult Blue Heron is always hanging around the park…in mating season there are more as there is a Blue Heron rookery in our hood that is loaded with big tall pine trees that is were the nest are…but this guy is here all the time…
And then there are these guys also…they hang around a lot also…Wood Storks..along with Ibis, Egrets, sometimes by the dozens,,,I think it is because this park is a good spot for fisher-people to come with their throw nets looking to catch Mullet to use as bait fish…and these guys are always looking for a hand out…if you are not careful they will come right up to your bucket and take the fish out…they are very annoying to the fisher-people…
Lunch time…
Have to throw a little food into the mix…we had egg salad sliders, grapes, pickles and a small bag of chips..I started buying a couple small bags of chips instead of a large one I eat less that way..cause you know the saying…”you cant eat just one”…
And poor little Maggie all “Pooped “ after a day of running around sniffing and barking and in general causing havoc….she looks so sweet and innocent… lol…but don’t let her fool you…
And the rest of the story..
Today (Sun.) will be a day of laundry and football..keeping up with my Fantasy Football Team…The Mighty Muskies…old HS mascot…being that Jamestown Pa where I went to school.. is the gate to Pymatuning Lake State Park…and the lake is famous Muskie fishing…I do have a story to tell about my internet ..but that will have to be later this is to long now…so thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessing G&M

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