Monday, October 21, 2013


More things…
When we watch at the home park..we see many things and people…last weekend they  had a regatta… a ton of sail boats of all shapes and sizes ..I was sitting at the RV by the boat ramp …our usual spot and these one man boats were getting ready to launch in the grass across the boat ramp from me…besides these …there were about 1/2 doz. on my side of the boat ramp getting ready..
While the boats on shore  were getting their sails up and ready a larger boat was towing this line of boats over to join the rest…they had sails down so had to be towed..
and in between all these sail boats were the kids from a local high school out practicing in the long boats…I forget what you call them…but they race them and practice here every Sat. there were  4 boat loads of them that day..they came very early and by the time they got back the place was filled with the sail boats and they had a hard time finding a  landing place. They have a locked fenced in place where they store the boats and I think they are shared by other schools and collages…
And to add a little more to the mix….before any of the above descended on the park…this young man had his mom drop him and his kayak and fishing gear off…I think (I am not a good judge of age of young people they all look so young)…he was somewhere between 12 and maybe 15…anyway he spent the whole day fishing up and down the rivers…he had very good equipment and was very organized knew what he was doing…I had to admire him for being out doors and doing things not sitting around in front of a screen…sometimes he would get out and come on shore to fish and talk with other fishermen…
And then there was this….
and this impressed me very much !…Maggie and I were inside the rig taking a rest…when we all of a sudden here this awful roar …like ear splitting noise…we both jumped up to see what was going on…well this is what we saw…it was not in the water yet they had just unloaded off the trailer and started it up…yikes…never heard anything like it …so of course I went out too take a look….me and everyone else that was around…had their cameras out and clicking away…you all know what a nasty camera I have so the pics are not the best…so do click and open to get a good look…
Right click to open and see bigger pic…023
Checking out that jet engine …. I think they were just doing some testing running it up and down the river a couple times…now I want to go and see one of these races…seen these on TV…but it was a whole different thing seeing up close and personal…wow…
They had it on idle the whole way out into the Indian River…and around the corner…I could hear it after that but not see it for awhile..then it came down river past us…but it was clear over on the other side of the river going probably 100 miles an hr…faster than any boat I have seen…cool beans  !!! Maggie and I are getting ready for our camping trip to Silver Springs ST. Park…have clean the rig and put in supplies…get oil changed and take a ride over to Wickham Park to dump the tanks...not sure if I will spend the night or cost $15 to dump and for a couple buck more I can just might do that...Maybe Wed. after oil change I will go over there....well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon...blessings to all...G&M

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