Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Got up early again….
then Maggie and I went to McD’s for breakfast well at least I ate McD’s…then we looked for a Geocache in the parking lot that is in the same plaza…I think I found it…got out a tool I had with me ..but I could not get the cache out..so will go back at another time and take a better tool…
We went looking for some other caches…but our luck was not with us today…not one out of the three we look for…so we went on down to the home park and backed into our fav. parking spot…I like this spot because it is level , grass, and next to the boat ramp…and the sun is on the other side where the gravel and the rest of the RV/boat parking lot is…we only stayed until about  1pm…had to get back and watch the Steelers play and keep track of my Fantasy Football team…
This is a few of….
the verity of boats that are put in at this ramp..first below a big sail boat…with a “toad” I think I really need a toad but can not afford one now…Sad smile this is a small sail boat…that is in this part of the water way…
And below are three different kinds of boats…the very long yellow kayak belongs to a guy that comes here to practice …he races this kayak..did not know there were kayak races..in front of that with the green canopy is a pontoon boat..there a a number of these here every weekend…Behind them is a pleasure boat…during the weekend in the morning mostly fishing boats .. then they give way to the pleasure boats later in the day…and in between these are the personal floating devices like, kayak, canoes, float boards, jet skis..etc…it is very busy here on the week ends….
Well that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon..
blessings to all G&M

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