Thursday, October 24, 2013


I parked at….
Wickham Park campgrounds here in Melbourne for over night…it is only about 5 miles or less from dads house…but this is not a pleasure stay…
I have been here playing around with this pretty red hose…lol…been having problems with a smelly black tank…on and off for the last 6 months really got bad on the way back from PA…I finally posted on the Women RV forum about my problems…should have done it awhile ago…anyway I got a lot of help from them…so right now and last evening I have been filling and dumping both my tanks..trying to get them clean..don’t know why all those stones are in the dump area…
To make a very long story short …it was my own stupid fault that I have this problem…knowing nothing about an RV when I got this a year ago..(wow its been a year this month)… I was so wrapped up in the other functions of the rig and trying to figure them out that I didn’t think that the tanks were that complicated …well I was wrong… not complicated but do need special care…one part of the care is WATER lots and lots of water…and other things such as the pic below…I will now be using lots of water and Calgon water softener to keep it clean and some kind of enzyme tor smell…
I think the problem will be solved when I am done with all this filling, flushing and dumping of the tanks…if not then I will have to look at other things such as the vent pipe…ugh..please no…let this take care of it…
I am also trying to get ready to leave for Silver Springs …leaving on Sat…meet up with Linda..spend the night parked at her house then we will leave on Sun for the campground I think it is about 100 mile from there…I will be gone for a week…so need to get food to feed my self and a couple of pot luck’s…just found out you can rent kayaks I am looking forward to some kayaking, glass bottom boat..and what ever else there is to do..I am sure a lot…boy I wish I had my own kayak…I think check out is at 3 pm…so better get busy with my flushing…thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all …G&M


  1. I have also heard of using the Calgon water softener like you are doing or a cleaner called Simply Green. You put a cup of it in the tank with five gallons of water and drive to your next destination allowing the agitation to clean the tanks and sensors. Once there use the tanks as usual but before leaving flush with a generous amount of water.
    Only in the last few years have RV Manufactures been putting Black Tank Flush Systems in their units. If you don't have one it would be worth the investment.
    To keep the smell of the Black Tank out of your rig have the vent cover replaced with a Cyclone Vent cover which draws the odors out of the tank as you drive down the road. You will not smell it inside after that is installed. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I just get the little packets and throw one in with a bunch of water each time I dump. I've never had a problem with odors - unless the tank is almost full and the temperature outside is really hot. Then, YES, time to dump! Glad you got a solution.

  3. Send me an email
    I will get back to you with my number . I am in Lake Wales for most of the winter.