Saturday, October 26, 2013


Went to an RV show…
over at the Mall in Melbourne on Thurs. after leaving the campground…after all the flushing of the tanks I needed something fun to do…La Mesa was having a show…the same one that I ended up getting my RV at this time last year….I went in a few of these (pic below) just to sit in the drivers seat…see if I thought I could drive one….the jury is still out on the one….
This new  Itasca is a two tone color ..a really bad brown and looks ok in this pic..but I really did not like it at all…nice inside tho…don’t know who the lady is in the pic..I didn’t realize she was standing there…
I was looking for some class B’s…but they only had one Roadtrek ..I can see how those that have them love and brag on them…I think I would not mind traveling in one like this, is not at all like the one I seen there last year that I didn’t like…don’t remember what kind it was…but for traveling and not extended live in ..I would like it…but over a few months at a time it would be to small for me…
look at the size of that counter top! My eyes about popped out when I walked in…at least 5ft…in a class C no less…
These pic’s are mostly of the class C Itasca’s they had there…now this is something that I would like to have…pull out pantry…
Another sink and counter…has much more room than mine…I think I will try and figure out a sink cover for mine…like that idea…if I still had my woodworking shop I could make one easy enough…
They must have had about a couple hundred RV’s squeezed in the parking lot area…more than last year… I enjoyed looking but really like mine…even tho there were some really nice up grades that I wouldn’t mind having..Getting ready to leave this morning to the Silver Springs GTG…meeting Linann at her place in ST. Cloud ..spend the night and then go to the GTG on Sunday…really looking forward to this outing,..I still have a few last min. things then we will be off..thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. If your budget is strapped like most of us you do learn to make do with what you have but nothing says you can't slowly make adjustments. You could make cardboard cut outs in the shape of your sinks and if you can't find them already made (RV Dealers, RV Shows or Swap meets) stop at a wood shop and they shouldn't cost too much to make.
    We only had our trailer two days when I started modifying it the way Kathy wanted. Two years later and we're still making changes. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I love it when I go to RV shows and never find anything I like better than Winnona. And one of the things I love is her double slide out pantries. But that counter space was really wonderful. I'd sure like to have that.